eos. 3oz candle Oris Root & Amber

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Create a welcoming and refreshing atmosphere in your home with this candle. Fill your room with the scent of Orris Root and Amber, an intriguing blend of sweet and rich fragrance reminiscent of freshly moisturised skin. The candle comes in a simple white glass holder with minimalist, lilac labelling and small natural wooden sticks that spread the lovely scent in your room and home. The packaging is simple and won't distract from your home interiors.

Cleaner, better and fairer fragrance for your home. 100% plant-based wax candles, palm and paraben free fragrance oils. High quality scents made in the UK. Must be WXY.

WXY. was born with the intention to make a realistically priced candle / diffuser that is cleaner, better and fairer. We have engineered every detail of our products to give the best possible quality at a fair price.

With Each Purchase WXY. Donate 3% Of Profits To A Charitable Organisation Or Project.