Beloved Hoops Earrings

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The perfect hoop earrings, but with a twist! Handcrafted from 1.5mm eco silver wire (so they’re better for the planet!), and 20mm in diameter these hoops are the perfect middle ground between dainty so they’re comfortable to wear and statement so they pack a punch!

They’re worn flat against the ear and have a threader back (so no fiddle butterfly catches to deal with!) which you can see from the front giving them a really unique look.

The Elsker collection symbolises the love of family and friends gathered round. Elsker meaning love in Norwegian. The circle itself is symbolic of the everlasting, with no beginning or end – the perfect metaphor for the enveloping of your family’s love around you. For me circles also symbolise fun, the cheekiness of a wheel rolling away taking you on a new adventure. Circular walks taking you to new sights and sounds.

1.5mm Eco Silver Wire