Cotton Soft Bubble Bath

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Moisturising bubble bath with cotton extract and aloe vera

Scrubbingtons Cotton Soft Bubble Bath for children is made from natural stuff and tested by clever folk in lab coats so we know it’s great for everyone to use even those kids with really sensitive skin. We’ve even added real cotton to make it extra soft.

For Sensitive SkinIrresistible for anyone who loves really bubbly baths with nothing nasty in them (apart from your brother or sister!)

Our bottles are made from 50% recycled plastic (we’re working on the rest)

98% Natural
Fresh 'cut grass' scent
No parabens, SLS or artificial colourants
Our bottles are fully recyclable and made from 50% recycled plastic
Not tested on animals
Made in Great Britain

Ingredients & what it does:

Aqua (Water) It's water of course, even your younger brother knew that!

Cocamidopropyl Betaine This ingredient is derived from coconut and helps to make our conditioner foam (much softer on your head than a coconut landing on it!)

Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate This creates our lovely foam but it is more natural and much milder than sodium laureth sulphate found in most soaps. It's also bio-degradable which is good for our planet where we all live

Glycerin Derived from vegetables, it attracts water and thus keeps young skin moisturised. So you won't look all dry and shrivelled like one of those raisins that keep popping up down the back of the car seat.

Benzyl Alcohol Benzyl alcohol is produced by many plants. It is used as an ingredient in

perfumery and also as a preservative to prevent nasty bacteria from forming.

Parfum (Fragrance) Our lovely fresh fragrance of fresh cut grass

Sodium Chloride The same as table salt; safe for people (unless too much is put on your chips!)

Sodium Benzoate It is a preservative. A salt produced from benzoic acid which naturally occurs in a number of yummy (and not so yummy) fruits and spices.

Disodium EDTA Helps to make our foam extra foamtastic

Dehydroacetic Acid Keeps our products fresh and bacteria free

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder It is the extract of the wonderful Aloe Vera plant. With its gentle soothing and moisturising properties and it is a botanical wonder ingredient

Linalool Found in over 200 species of plant it has a light floral fragrance

Citronellol This is a naturally occurring ingredient found in essential oils and is part of our gorgeous fragrance.

Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) This is oil from the seeds of cotton which makes our products extra soft

Citric Acid Citric acid is a very weak acid found in most fruits and vegetables. It is used to balance the pH (you can find out more about this in science lessons if you're not too busy blowing stuff up!)